Versatile layering pieces. Jackets. Coats. Blouses.

No wardrobe is complete without a versatile layering piece. It's all about different layers. Each new piece is a new and wonderful chapter. Every day begins with its new and unique story.

Lagunaria Jacket. Marimos' Minimalist two-sided cashmere and wool jacket Lagunaria is Designer's Favourite and an elegant go-to, slipped over everything from dresses to blouses and even T-shirts. 

Two-sided jacket Lagunaria and Leibnitzia burgundy dress

Gray-sided jacket Lagunaria easily transforms you into an iconic Business Lady with its everyday's chic aura around. This look is absolutely perfect for day-visits, meetings, video-conferences, online-consulting, even working at the office or home office etc. 

Two-sided jacket Lagunaria 

Plaid Linaria coat. Whether worn belted or loose, it is a shortcut to chic elegance. This signature plaid Linaria coat gives your wardrobe a classic and long-lasting appeal that will stand the test of time creating a perfect trans-seasonal coat.

Plaid Linaria coat 

Luxurious Jacket MedinillaA perfect jacket for every chic nocturnal event – wears well from dinner into a party.

Cady couture silk jacket Medinilla and pencil dress Lagenandra

Black Top Widdringtonia. Inspired by one of our bestseller dresses, the Widdringtonia top made of a super weight silk crepe represents Marimo’s clean style on a very high level.

Black Top Widdringtonia

Timeless Actaea Ivory Blouse. This airy top made out of flowing white silk crepe de chine is a timeless essential that goes together well with different skirts, pants or even jeans, so you can easily switch between full-formal and stunning super-casual.

Actaea Ivory Blouse and Liparis pants

Much Love,

by Julia Aiste
Brand Manager
-in the name of beauty-

To be continued...

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