When I talk about my wardrobe with someone I’ve just met, I almost always get a surprised reaction. As a fashion designer, it’s expected of me to love clothes—and I do—but that doesn’t mean I own a huge amount of them or constantly reinvent my wardrobe with a new trend that makes waves. 

My love for clothes is reflected in how carefully I select them and take care of them. My intention is to look stylish every day, stay true to my personal style, maintain a wardrobe that supports my busy lifestyle, and manage it easily without having 100 different items that don’t match. I dress according to a minimalist capsule wardrobe approach, which is why I invest in high-quality luxury pieces that stand the test of time. 

One dress, styled differently.

I’ve put together a video guide on how to choose and shop for luxury items to create your dream wardrobe. You can watch it here
. The key points to focus on are: 
  • Timeless design: classic items never go out of style which gives you more wear over time. 
  • Minimalist style: clean lines and simple silhouettes are great for layering. Dressing up a casual outfit with a few accessories saves time. 
  • Color palette: a consistent color palette throughout your wardrobe makes mixing and matching items effortless. 
  • High-quality fabrics: luxurious natural fabrics such as cashmere, silk, and fine wool offer numerous benefits for your health, comfort and the longevity of your garments. 
  • Great tailoring: details such as stitches, construction, and how the garment looks inside determine how long it will look new. 
  • Made-to-measure size: clothing that fits you perfectly stays in shape and looks new longer than off-the-rack clothing. 
  • Ethical production and sustainability: The background of a brand speaks volumes about garment quality. High-quality, long-lasting luxury garments require time and expert skills, which should be compensated fairly. 

These tips are perfect for elevating your wardrobe. You can use these to sort through your current wardrobe and identify what fits your dream wardrobe and what doesn't belong anymore. 

Next, determine the key items your wardrobe needs. I personally have chosen these five wardrobe staples to have in my wardrobe: 

  • a high-quality designer coat that never goes out of style 
  • a little black dress 
  • a made-to-measure skirt or trousers 
  • a tailored jacket or blazer 
  • a high-quality silk top 
You can see these five staples in my YouTube video, where I also show you how I style these items daily for different occasions to create 15 amazing outfits with them. High-quality pieces are made to last, and making a smart investment purchase is key to creating the perfect capsule wardrobe. The right pieces can be worn for many years and in multiple ways, helping you create your personal style. 


I have received questions about how frequently I redo my wardrobe and suggestions how often one should do it. I don’t think redoing your wardrobe should be the goal. It’s not very sustainable and, let’s be honest, who has time for that? 

I have pieces in my wardrobe that I've worn for over eight years, and they're still in great condition. My wardrobe maintains the same classic and timeless style, so when I add items, they match with what I have. I keep a wishlist of items I'd like to add and I buy them one by one at a slower pace, because they have to match all my criteria to belong in my perfect wardrobe. While these tend to be investments, the cost per wear is worth it because you get so much wear out of them. Read more about this in my previous journal post "Step by step guide for creating your dream wardrobe".

My versatile garments allow me to style them for very different occasions.

I believe the easiest and most efficient way to have a beautiful wardrobe is to think it through: make a plan for what you actually need and focus on that. No detours and no constant swaying to new trends. Eventually, buying new items will be simple because you already know what you have, what you still need, and what matches your wardrobe.


Sending much love!


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