We all know the famous expression: "As you name the boat, so shall it float.", which means that everything starts within you, with your inner mind-set, setting and drive. The same applies to your appearance even if you are at home. It's not just appearance, it's actually much more! For us, ladies, it's so important to look good. It is then that we are able to feel good, joyful and thus can easily achieve our goals whether those concern our work, private life or self-esteem.

The current world requires a special and absolutely different approach as well. For lots of us being and working at home it is not only a necessity, but also now just an ordinary lifestyle, where we are used to working distanced from any place. Thus, it's very important to take time and effort to look really elegant and tasteful also at home.

An elegant Look at home has to satisfy several criterias:

  • you have to feel comfortable
  • the garments have to be light and breathable
  • the fabrics shouldn't crease
  • the appearance has to be appropriate for online meetings
  • the colours have to illuminate your face in the camera to give it a fresh look
  • the look has to match for the occasion

Thus, we have put together here an ensemble of absolutely stunning and gorgeous looks to feel 110% elegant at home either you have an online meeting, receive guests or it's just a family gathering. 

Look #1

Look #1 represents Merremia short nude pleated dress, which is absolutely splendid and sophisticated. The fabric doesn't crease and gives you the perfect freedom of movement.

Look #2

Look #2 represents Merremia broken white dress - depending on your skin tone and taste preference you can choose either to wear a nude or broken white version of this dress.

Look #3

Look #3 represents beautiful Kniphofia top in ivory Cady silk and Lantana skirt in deep navy colour. Both pieces give you absolute comfort and are very elegant at the same time.

Look #4

Look #4 represents pleated Lantana nude skirt & Lapsala sleeveless blouse with nature-inspired violet aquarelle strokes. This combination is absolutely flawless and comfortable.

Look #5

Look #5 represents amazing Latania skirt and Rotheca top. Both pieces are very comfortable to wear and they do not crease. 

We wish you to enjoy the current world with it's stunning opportunities and capabilities, such as staying, working and enjoying being absolutely stunning and elegant at home!

Much Love,

by Julia Aiste
Brand Manager
-in the name of beauty-

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