You are invited to Marimo´s fashion event where Marimo´s designer Mariliis Pikkar and her fashion team will teach you how to always look amazing and save time and money through the organized wardrobe. Our motto is that you should wear clothes that represent You, and make you feel confident and beautiful every day!

Too often we hear our clients saying „I have a closet full of clothes but still nothing to wear“, this inspired Mariliis to create a capsule wardrobe concept and the sets – capsule wardrobe set will save you time, money, and all clothes will fit you, you will always look amazing and you will always have something to wear!

During our online event, we will teach you how to create your dream capsule wardrobe that would represent You and Your lifestyle. From where to start, what to consider, your body type, and how to create your color palette. Also, will share easy styling tips for the festive season.

We will present Marimo´s capsule wardrobe set – 7 garments + 2 accessories, which gives you more than 20 different looks. We will explain how to look like the best-dressed woman in the room without having too many items in your wardrobe but just enough to be able to create different appropriate outfits for any occasion.

This event is for you if you want to spend less time on clothes and focus on things that are the most important for you in life, to have an organized wardrobe, and to look and feel amazing every single day! Also, shop more wisely and sustainably.

All participants will receive:
- a free Marimo´s Body Shape Guide
- a free 30 min capsule wardrobe consultation
- 10% discount on a capsule wardrobe order



Can´t wait to see You!
Mariliis and the team


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