woman in a silk jumpsuit holding a silk dressWearing: Littorella Ivory Silk Jumpsuit

For most of us, summer is the busiest season of the year because we have packed it with so many plans, events, and vacations. During this time the only thing you want to think about is making the most of your summer and enjoying it to the fullest.

To be able to concentrate on making memories I suggest being a bit strategic and thinking ahead of time by planning your summer wardrobe now. So you wouldn´t have to spend your precious time later on shopping.

Woman in a silk dress with styling examplesWearing: Leibnitzia Olive Pattern Cocktail Dress

Deciding what to wear to look chic but stay cool during warm summer days can feel like a challenge. I´m a problem solver by nature and with hot summer days in mind, I designed our most loved Leibnitzia dress. Flowy cut and airy silk fabric will let your skin breathe while a failsafe flattering cut will help you look elegantly stylish.

The best part is that this cut suits every body type! It hides everything you don´t want to show, emphasizes the waistline, and creates a gorgeous silhouette. Clients who already have this dress like to call it a magic dress because it´s so versatile and so easy to style - dress it up or down only with changing accessories. Perfect for the office, summer events, trips, or even attending a wedding.

woman in a silk dress with styling exampleWearing: Leibnitzia Olive Pattern Cocktail Dress

My favorite Leibnitzia dress in the Olive pattern is inspired by Italian ease and the sweetness of life. This beautiful olive pattern makes you dream of traveling and spending days under the hot Italian sun. Style it with heels for an elegant look or with sneakers or sandals for a more casual everyday look.


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