My perfect first getaway after becoming a mom of 3

Last month, I visited Paris again. It was the perfect and a very special girlfriend’s trip for me because it marked my first getaway with my close friend Ann since my husband and I welcomed our third child. During our adventure, we laughed about how we felt like girls again, not mothers and entrepreneurs juggling different duties and responsibilities. As a fashion designer and her being an interior designer, we shared similar interests and enjoyed exploring the same places. Since Ann lived in Paris years ago, she was the best tour guide I could wish for. 

Embracing the local experience  

We aimed to enjoy some quality time, blend in, and experience the city exactly as the locals do. We enjoyed sitting, chatting, and eating in parks and relaxing at Parisian cafés, enjoying lunches and drinking champagne while people-watching. We explored the city on foot, taking long walks to uncover its treasures. We also visited the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and went luxury shopping, experiencing different high-end brands from Alexander McQueen to Dior and Chanel. 

The key to traveling - packing light

Before my trips, I always carefully plan my outfits to avoid overpacking, so it was important to pack a minimalist travel capsule for Paris.  

I never like to travel with too many pieces, so I assess how many days and occasions I need clothes for, make a list, and try on possible outfit combinations. The key is to select versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. A good rule to remember is to opt for a neutral color palette and choose key items. Since it was a girlfriend trip, I focused on our plans to curate the perfect outfits. Paris is not only inspirational but also the capital of style and fashion, so looking stylish is essential to fit in.  

One of the key items I chose was our Aria black slip dress because it’s a great basic that can be worn casually during the day and dressed up for evenings. As the weather was rather cool, I also packed a few lightweight jackets and bombers that could be layered over my outfits. Jewelry played a big role as well, adding variety to my outfits.  

I always limit the number of shoes I take with me because they take up a lot of space in the luggage. It was more of a casual trip and we planned to explore the city on foot, so I chose very comfortable sneakers in black and white, which matched all my outfits. Thinking through all the outfits helped me pack only what I needed.  

Visiting Museé Yves Saint Laurent  

We visited the YSL exhibition “Transparences”, which was really inspiring. As always, in addition to admiring the design, I like to explore the techniques used in creating the pieces.

During that exhibition, we also had the chance to visit his original atelier, which I must say was the most interesting part. It was truly inspiring to see how he worked and the space he needed for his creative work. I could see similarities between his approach and my own when envisioning how I would set up my next bigger atelier. Having read the Karl Lagerfeld biography earlier this year and knowing that they were friends when they were younger, I felt I could understand his work and the exhibition much better, knowing the history.

My favorite piece from the exhibition. So simple and although see-through, it’s somehow classic and modern. Made with superior quality.

And my favorite drawing from the exhibition. It’s a sketch of a wedding dress. I’m not sure our brides would confirm a sketch like this :)  

Luxury shopping in Paris

During all my trips, I try to visit luxury boutiques. It’s part of my work to research how they operate, how the pieces are constructed and made, and the quality they offer. Although we visited various high-end boutiques, our best experience was at the Alexander McQueen, where we spent two hours accompanied by champagne. We felt the genuine commitment of the staff, who not only recommended beautiful pieces that would suit us but also talked about the brand’s background and the boutique’s interior design. Experiencing this level of service made me proud of the experiences we offer our customers at Marimo Boutique, and I feel that our customer service is on the highest level compared to world-famous luxury designer brands.

This is the bag I finally went for after two hours of trying different ones. 😉 

To see what I was wearing throughout our trip and to experience the true Parisian vibe, watch my YouTube video here.


Sending much love!

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