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In November´s newsletter, I want to highlight the importance of being organized and start prepping early to save yourself from the holiday stress. Getting ready early is the perfect recipe for peaceful holidays. This year for me it´s even more important to be organized and prepared before December as I´m expecting my third child and I want to enjoy my favorite time of the year as much as possible.

ALL IT TAKES IS GOOD PLANNING, simple as that. In autumn, I take time to gather my thoughts, write down how I want to spend my holidays and make a list of preparations I need to make. You want to take the time now and not run around the shops trying to find gifts last minute. I have realized that preparing early is the key to simplifying your life and having the nice relaxed holidays you really desire.

Now is the time to take care of the small things like preparing the holiday outfits, buying gingerbread cutters (because they might be sold out in December), buying cute wrapping papers and gift bags.Thinking and planning gets me into the holiday mood, makes me excited about quality time with my family. It´s a break from everyday busyness, and time for myself.

  • Take time to think, gather your thoughts
  • Make a list
  • Get ready early

My Holiday preparations start in November when I make my own gingerbread dough, so at the beginning of December I´m all ready to start building my own gingerbread house and baking gingerbreads with my children.

The other thing I always do ahead is prepare the gifts for my family. I love making gifts and I want them to be practical, fun, and made from the heart, so for me, it´s important to think through every tiny detail and prepare early.

Gathering my thoughts, making a list, and start preparing the holiday goods ahead allows me to spend more time with my family during the holiday season. I love the holiday season and I want you too to find magic in it and have a stress-free December. I have prepared a small gift guide for you that will help you to get ready early and prepare the gifts for your loved ones or yourself that you truly desire!

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