Capsule wardrobe set

“Young & Fresh” capsule wardrobe set is like the name says - young and fresh. It´s a basic wardrobe set that includes seven timeless pieces for the office and after hours, altogether 20 fresh looks. It´s the perfect base for your wardrobe, which you can easily spice up with seasonal essentials and accessories.

a woman wearing a silk dressWearing: Reseda pink silk gown

“Summer Vibe” capsule wardrobe set is a basic wardrobe set that includes ten timeless pieces. Those ten items are the base for your summer wardrobe, which you can easily spice up with seasonal essentials and accessories. This capsule gives you 21 different looks from sunrise till sunset.

capsule wardrobe set

A custom capsule wardrobe set gives you the opportunity to create your own personal capsule wardrobe choosing all the items and colors that best suit your lifestyle as well as the quantity of the items with the help of our professionals.

woman in a red silk jumpsuit

I´m happy to announce that my new YouTube video is out! It´s all about creating your perfect city holiday capsule wardrobe + ideas for chic summer outfits.

Working out what to pack when going on a holiday can feel like one of the hardest parts of planning your trip. A holiday capsule wardrobe is a perfect solution. My new video is all about a perfect city holiday Capsule Wardrobe for a 7-day city break, featuring 10 easy-to-wear summer pieces that are chic, but also versatile.  I will also share smart tips on what to keep in mind when creating your summer city holiday capsule wardrobe. I hope you'll find this video inspirational and subscribe so you won't miss my next one!

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