fashion designer wearing a silver sparkly topWearing: Iris peplum top with a belt

The season of blooms has arrived and we can finally enjoy the fruits of our hard work on this new Spring collection! To shed light on the process of making this collection, what influenced and inspired it, we put together a mini-interview with the woman behind it all – Mariliis.

spring summer 2022 collection for elegant ladies banner with a woman wearing a white silk wrap topShop the new collection here

What is the story behind this collection? What influenced you?

I have to admit that this time I’ve been influenced by very many different things that have come together in one beautiful collection.
The whole collection is made of different white and ivory fabrics. White is my favorite color as it’s very clean, like a canvas, but it also symbolizes harmony. It’s peaceful and fresh, something that would symbolize a new beginning or a fresh start. Something I think we all wish for right now.
During the creation process, I was reading a book about inner strength, which also influenced me. Inner strength is your ability to do the right thing, the right way, without any concern about what others think. It means the possession of willpower and self-discipline. It expresses itself as the ability to withstand difficulties and obstacles, which has been very important to me and I think for lots of people right now. We need it to create and protect our own world where we can feel safe and support the people around us.

model wearing a plaid wool ivory jumpsuit with a kimono jacketModel is wearing: Abelia plaid jumpsuit

Who is this collection created for?

I always create new collections having our dear customers in mind because they are also my biggest inspiration. This collection is created for a woman who wants to feel chic and confident yet very comfortable. It’s created to empower and support you in your daily life and to bring out your uniqueness, whether at a home office, professional setting, a fabulous night out, beach walk, or just relaxing at home with your loved ones. I have kept all those different occasions in mind and added a couple of looks for a modern bride as well.

model wearing a silver white viscose gown and a silk wrap blouse
Model is wearing: Euphrasia evening gown, Stellaria white wrap dress

Describe the materials that you have used in this collection?

To be honest, this time I have used our client’s favorite materials, mainly 3 fabrics. Cady silk is one of my favorites and also beloved by our dear customers, so I have created a few beautiful items made of this couture fabric. The second material I have chosen is the light plaid seersucker wool. I used this fabric a few seasons ago and it became very popular, so I decided to bring it back to our collection. This time I used it for different pieces, which are easy to combine with pieces from previous collections. And the main material for this collection is the beautiful white slightly glittery viscose blend. Our last collection made of the same fabric in black was a huge success and I decided to go for the same material in different colors. This time I chose white as it’s perfect for the upcoming spring and summer.

woman wearing a white silk wrap blouse and a white lace pencil skirtMariliis is wearing: Stellaria silk wrap blouse, Rubia lace pencil skirt

What´s your favorite piece and how would you style it?

It’s hard to choose one favorite piece but if I have to I’d say I really love the beautiful ivory lace pencil skirt. It’s super versatile and you can wear it the whole year-round creating tons of different looks. For everyday use, I would style it with white sneakers and a flowy ivory silk top. For festive events, I would add our ivory crystal belt and change the sneakers for high heels. During the wintertime, I would play around with black tights and sweaters.

woman wearing a white lace pencil skirt with a silver glittery peplum topMariliis is wearing: Iris peplum top with a belt, Rubia lace pencil skirt 

 If you had to use one word to describe your design language, what would it be?

woman in a silver glittery vest


With love and Gratitude,

Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis

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