woman wearing a cashmere jacketWearing: Lagunaria jacket

I love fall jackets. They’re a sign of the season but also a great item that tells a story about You and your Style. In Marimo´s collection, you can find different jackets - versatile silhouettes blurring the lines between classic and modern. You don´t need many jackets, you need one good one! In this post, I´m sharing five looks with only one jacket.

Woman in a pencil dress and a cashmere jacketWearing: Lagunaria jacket, Lagetta pencil skirt in black

Meet our Lagunaria jacket. First things first, this jacket is two-sided and that makes it super versatile. You'll be able to wear it on its pink side or the classic grey side, depending on your outfit or mood.

woman wearing wide-leg pants and a cahmere jacketWearing: Lagunaria jacket, Primula wide-leg pants, Lapsala Aquarelle top

Thanks to the timeless cut you can easily blend this jacket into your more sporty look. This reversible cashmere wool blend jacket keeps you warm and elegant with its classy minimal style.

woman wearing an a-line silk dress with a cashmere jacketWearing: Lagunaria jacket, Leibnitzia dress in burgundy

This jacket suits well long(er) dresses creating an even longer silhouette. The perfect companion for a night out to have something warm thrown on your shoulders. It's shorter from the front and longer from the back with a folded opening - the perfect length to style with skirts and dresses.

woman wearing a cashmere jacket with blue jeansWearing: Lagunaria jacket, Salvia top in white, blue jeans

Cashmere - who wouldn´t love that? Our cashmere jacket is soft on your skin and keeps you warm during the chillier days. It's there for you on the casual weekend in jeans to still bring the element of elegance!

woman wearing a pencil dress and a cashmere jacketWearing: Lagunaria jacket, Degenia dress in black, Marimo logo scarf

A great base that you can "transform" into more yours by adding accessories. Style this jacket with a beautiful silk scarf or wear high gloves to bring in different textures and add more edge to the look. This jacket is mostly hand-sewn and the versatility and luxurious fabric make this garment a shining star in your wardrobe!

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