Another year has passed and it's time to sum up some thoughts and reflect. I plan to make it a tradition to write a longer journal post at the beginning of every year to look back at the year, share the highlights, as well as our plans for the new one. Last year I wrote a bigger story of my last 10 years' journey but this time I have focused more on what we achieved in 2021 and what to expect in 2022.


One of my favorite quotes I live by is: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Gandhi.

I think this quote describes 2021 pretty well. We all have realised that life is transient and living is not only breathing. Living is enjoying the little things in our lives and making every breath count. And that is exactly what we all are realising even more now - to do those things that give us the most joy and true fulfilment.

I consider myself a lucky person, because I've been doing what I truly love, following my passion. But I've also realised that by doing what I love the most and working on my dream can be stressful, because I want to achieve more and more, demanding a lot from myself! I'm my own boss and most probably the toughest one I've ever had!

When it comes to Marimo, 2021 was a rollercoaster. We ended up making it one of our best years of all time, but it didn't come easily. We accomplished a lot and learned a lot - about trusting people, that planning and sticking to the plan is everything, that everything happens for a reason, and despite all the challenges, we ended last year with a true dream team! Our team has never been as big and fashion conscious as it is today. I'm thankful that I've found all those dedicated team members - teamwork really makes the dream work and I can't wait for the adventures of 2022 with those wonderful women!

Two elegant women wearing quality coats

Ask and you will receive

The year 2021 was a year of growth business-wise and also personally. We met many wonderful people and there's a lot to be thankful for in 2021.

At the beginning of the year I thought that I would love to talk about my journey in a podcast (I actually even thought of the exact one) and a few days later I was invited to talk about Marimo and my personal brand in the "Bränd nimega Sina" LIVE, few months later to "Täitsa Pekkis" podcast and in autumn I was talking about Marimo's export journey in "Ekspordime podcast".

Podcast about fashion brand export journey

I also gave big interviews to our national newspapers, fashion magazines and TV shows. I'm most proud of the interviews given to the business newspapers - it means a lot to me to be an entrepreneur in addition to fashion designer and discuss the business side of things. Fashion industry is not an easy one, so I'm really glad that the media is covering that industry more and more. I had the honour of giving a big interview to business newspaper "Ärileht" and at the end of the year I was invited to talk about Marimo's capsule wardrobe concept at Kanal 2 TV show Õhtu.

Talking about capsule wardrobe concept at TV showTALKING ABOUT MARIMO's CAPSULE WARDROBE CONCEPT AT KANAL 2 TV SHOW "ÕHTU"

I've always dreamed to create a company where people want to work. Last year two of my current team members reached out to me with the wish to work for Marimo. Today I can say how thankful I am for that. They are real treasures, who want to help Marimo grow and help to make my dreams come true. The synergy that a great group of people can create is so powerful and it makes working fulfilling for everyone. I have come a long way from doing everything myself to building a team.

New concept and collections

 At the beginning of 2021 we launched the capsule wardrobe concept. It was a big thing and we have made lots of women all around the world happy with their new capsule wardrobes.

We launched 3 collections and did a photoshoot in the Italian Alps. It was a dream come true! I've always dreamt about shooting a campaign outside Estonia and last year it finally happened! Considering the current times, we were very lucky to have that opportunity. It was an unusual place for fashion collection imago shoot, but freedom being in the center of the collection, what could represent freedom better than nature? Those majestic mountains, breathtaking views, stunning valleys were captured to bring you the essence of this collection and inspire you.


YouTube, styling inspiration and likeminded community 

We launched our YouTube channel where you can find styling, fashion and lifestyle tips and lots of inspiration. If you haven't subscribed to our channel yet, I really suggest you do that, as that's what we will be focusing on this year, to be able to share more styling advice and practical how-to tutorials, hacks and ideas.

The most important achievement of 2021 is our community of amazing women from all over the world, who share the same values as Marimo. 


Looking back at the past 2 years, I have realised that in addition to a big plan and strategy it is as important to be adaptable and have a plan B, C and D up your sleeve. As a small business, adaptions can be made more easily, nevertheless it is definitely challenging to be constantly ready for new regulations and changes, which you have no control over.

Marimo's new year's intention is to take it slow and steady, while still working hard; to look after each other and enjoy everything we do! In 2022 we definitely want to highlight more our values and open up even more because the community around us matters and together we are stronger!

In addition to new collections and products that will be launched and styling advice, we will share healthy lifestyle hacks on a monthly basis. I have realised that a busy lifestyle must be balanced by healthy living to be happy and efficient. Wellbeing for me is not just about the appearance and beautiful clothes, but feeling balanced and active every day in all areas of my life. I hope that the hacks I've learned during the years will help you achieve creating your own sense of balance and wellbeing.


Values unite people

 My dream has always been to help women all around the world to look and feel beautiful and confident every day. Today I have a dream team beside me so day by day we are working on bringing more value into women's lives. We are a very personal brand and we really care about all our customers and I'd say that all our dear clients are much more to us than just clients. We love to see you feeling and looking good, we love to communicate with you and learn from you. You are my biggest inspiration and I love to see you all pursuing your passion and to see that you have chosen you.

As a high-end fashion brand Marimo is all about the finest quality - I love to work only with the best quality fabrics and all Marimo pieces are exclusively produced at our in-house atelier with the utmost attention to every single detail and finishing. With a team of my true professionals, we create those masterpieces for the ladies who refuse to accept anything but the best!

We value sustainability and are responsible for how and what we create. Our aim is to use all the textiles and minimising the amount of waste. As I care very deeply abut Mother Nature and our planet, quality and ethical production have always been my aim. We only produce garments people really need, which is why we make the garments on-demand and we always do it on the minimal waste principle finding the usage for every little piece of fabric. Sometimes I even change the design of a garment to find the best use for the fabric.

To be the best leader and role model I can
 Living in this rapidly changing uncertain world makes lots of people anxious, unhappy and angry. I want my team to be happy and care for each other and this is exactly what I plan to work on this year. As we are spending the majority of our time at work, I really value creating open and positive atmosphere. It's important to me that the whole team wants to come to work every morning and enjoy what they do. As our team has never been this big as it is today, the year 2022 will definitely be a challenge for me, because let's be honest, I wanted to become a fashion designer, but became an entrepreneur instead..

Being an inspiration and a role model is one of this year's keywords as well. I have already committed to some appearances and I think this is something that helps me grow and allows me to give back. For example, yesterday I had the honor to inspire young 7-year old talents at our boutique and atelier. Their dream is to become fashion designers. It was a very fulfilling morning and I find it so enjoyable to teach young people and inspire people to dream big or not give up on their dreams only because it might get hard.

To come back to the beginning of this post, I hope you will all remember this quote this year "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever". This really is a great line and it's important not to forget to live and learn every day because every day of your life counts.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2022!

With love and Gratitude,

Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis

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