Wearing: Leibnitzia dress in rose pattern, Limonium coat in ivory

Expressing yourself through fashion won’t go away, but the industry does need to live up to its responsibilities, and be part of creating a more positive future. More than ever I feel that we are moving in the right direction with Marimo. Traditionally, fashion brands launch seasonal collections, but I have decided to move towards complementing our selection with pieces that are missing, and with pieces that women need to create their perfect timeless wardrobe.


Our capsule wardrobe concept has emerged from a need and a wish to live more sustainably and smartly. Women don't want to have a closet full of garments. They want to have a well-thought-through wardrobe base - a collection of quality essentials that fit perfectly and make them feel great and confident, as well as last from season to season for many years.


We do have a small collection of clothing in our boutique but most of our garments are created on-demand and made-to-measure. It is made especially for you with a perfect fit, lasting you for many, many years.

Woman designer wearing a silk dress and silk blazerWearing: Leibnitzia dress in rose pattern, Medinilla jacket in black 


The idea of creating less and concentrating only on garments that are needed is refreshing and the starting point for all my collectionsWhat's important is that this approach allows production with less use of our natural resources and zero excess - no tons of clothing ending up in the landfill, as opposed to fast fashion where it's all about quantity. We have always been attempting to use up all our fabrics. For instance, the bases of our crystal belts are made from small pieces of silk. All the excess is donated to different community groups and schools that make good use of them.

silk and wool garments hangin


When I start creating a new collection I lean on our clients' feedback - I want to create garments that women really need and want. I build up collections of versatile staples that will last you a lifetime. I’m currently working on our first-ever knitwear line and we are launching a collection of jackets and coats as well this fall, which is super exciting! 

A fashion sketch

Our aim is to extend our range so that you would find everything from Marimo. It is something highly requested from our beloved clients and it only makes me happy to see so many people value the quality we offer!

With love & gratitude,
Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis

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