Leibnitzia olive pattern dress with spring lily

Where I live spring arrives late, only now we can see the first signs of freshness, blooming flowers, sunshine and I see people smiling. I think that during times like this it´s so important to find little things that make your heart sing and be grateful for what you have. What makes you smile?

For me, this month is a celebration of light and an era of love and kindness!

A woman wearing stretchy glittering silver gown under the sunlight

I´m so excited to be launching our new SS22 collection next week! It´s all about inner strength.

The SS22 collection “Be the Light” is fresh and free, but also refined and feminine, bringing back true elegance and emphasizing the woman and her uniqueness. Different shades of white and ivory create stunning looks for summer days, nights out and all those memorable events throughout the year. It also includes wedding gowns for modern brides.

White purifies, calms, and creates harmony. It’s a place, where we can rest, breathe, and find our inner fortitude to begin anew.

A woman wearing ivory silk wrap bouse in the light and nature

After the long winter, spring makes us want to dress differently, dark colors change into light ones, and also temptation to bring in all the colors that you see in shops is big.

To avoid the "I don´t have anything to wear" situation I suggest being a bit strategic here and building a capsule wardrobe base. For example, I have a fall/winter version and the spring/summer one. Both are created based on my lifestyle, the climate I live in and are easily styled with seasonal fashion favorites.

Having a capsule wardrobe base helps you to save time but also avoid impulse purchases that can happen at the beginning of every season when you just can´t wait to wear something new and fresh.

Youtube video How to create a colour palette for your capsule wardrobe


 I´m happy to announce that my new YouTube video is out! It´s all about colors and how to build up a capsule wardrobe that suits your skin and hair color, but also your lifestyle. I have created a YouTube video where I talk about the basics of choosing the colors for your wardrobe and creating a perfect color palette according to You. Watch it here and subscribe to our channel!


With love and Gratitude,

Founder & Designer

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