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Did you know that we produce all our garments in our little atelier that is situated in the heart of UNESCO heritage - Tallinn Old Town? Also, did you know that 20 hours on sewing and 10 hours on embroidery + several fittings and overall planning goes in average into creating one single gown?

Since childhood I dreamt about being a designer. Hard work, education and a lot of practice led me to the point I´m now - a brand owner and a fashion designer who is dressing elegant women all over the world. I can proudly say that all our beautiful garments are produced in our atelier. This way we can ensure that every garment is up to our high standards and fits the client perfectly.

 creating garments in an atelier

Five professionals work at our atelier, their experience and quality of work is mind-blowing. They have trained to work with luxurious garments, with traditional tailoring techniques and embroideries. There is no design that they are unable to bring to life.

Did you know that we use the same textiles that are used for royalties? Our aim is to have sustainable and ethical production, we want our garments to last you for years. By using high-quality textiles we can promise that with the right care our garments are the kind of garments that your children will proudly wear in the future, they just last from season to season!

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What is cost per wear? The cost per wear is a powerful concept that lets you understand the real price of your clothes. It is equal to the cost of the item divided by the number of times you wear it. This calculation helps you to shop more wisely, and sustainably, and avoid impulse purchases.

Invest in garments that will last for a lifetime vs items that will age quickly and need to be replaced every season. For example, when building a capsule collection, the idea is that you will invest in high-quality key pieces that will last a very long time, be worn frequently, and not go out of style.

When I refer to higher quality, I am referring to craftsmanship, the quality of materials used, and how they’ve been sourced, sewn, and finished. High-quality textiles are breathable, soft on your skin, and toxic-free. The textiles that we use are good for your health and the planet!

fashion designer in her atelier

Using quality textiles and ethical production costs more. I have designed all Marimo garments as versatile as possible, so for example, when investing in a small capsule wardrobe that consists of 7 garments you will get more than 20+ looks that are chic, timeless, and will never go out of trend. You are not only investing in garments but in yourself too!

Also, my employees are paid a living wage. Did you know that 98% who work in the fashion industry (which is 1 in every 6 people on the planet) are NOT getting a living wage? Thanks to you it´s possible for me to appreciate my employees and pay the wage that they deserve for their work.

Fashion designer in a fitting

With love and gratitude,

Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis


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