I'm sure you are all familiar with impulsive shopping, probably even more than you would like to admit. Does it sound familiar seeing beautiful clothes in shops and really feel the urge to have them for yourself? Well, to think further, is it really worth it to have all the clothes hanging around in the wardrobe, when they don't really go together? We will give some tips on how to make your wardrobe whole and eliminate the excessive.

 What to keep in mind, when putting together your capsule wardrobe, is to be aware of the colors chosen. It is best to choose one base color, black or navy are perfect for that. Then add a couple of neutral colors like white, nude, gray or whatever you find suitable. Supplement those colors with an accent color that compliments your skin tone. To play around with the look, add some patterns or textures, but keep in mind not to go beyond measure.

If these tips still leave you unsettled, then I suggest you to take a look at the capsule collections we have put together or just visit us and we can assist you with choosing the best looks for you! 

Schedule a capsule wardrobe consultancy by emailing us info@marimofashion.com.



Stay safe! Stay chic!
Mariliis / Founder and creative director

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