DESIGNER´S STYLE GUIDE: must have items in your wardrobe

How to look elegant and have different outfits without having too many different pieces in your wardrobe? As a designer, I´m always trying to create garments, that are easy to match and style. I believe in investing in timeless and long lasting clothing items that you can wear for seasons. Having key items in your wardrobe allows you to keep your wardrobe small, but well organized.

Here I want to point out some valuable tips on how to choose garments and what are the key pieces to have in your wardrobe so you will never have "I don´t have anything to wear" situations.


summer fashion styling
Clothing from left to right: Laportea jacket, Latania skirt, Salvia top.
Accessories: sunglasses: Gucci, summer hat: Gigi Burris.

Let´s start with the basics - invest into a uniform look that represents you no matter where you go or need to achieve! Uniform looks saves you so much time and you can be sure that you always look put together and representative. Style your combo up or down with different accessories.


Clothing from left to right: Adonidia top, Actaea blouse in white, Salvia blouse in mint and Lepidium in Olive pattern.

The essential that every woman needs to have in their wardrobe is a simple silk blouse, great and more put together alternative to a T-shirt, that suits most of your garments and is made of quality material. Why? Because quality fabrics move better, let your skin breathe, and when taking care of them, will last you from season to season. Not to mention - good quality garment is recognized already from far away, it makes your whole look expensive.


Clothing from left to right: Leibnitzia dress in emerald green
Accessories from left to right: nude shoes: Christian Louboutin, shoulder bag: Jimmy Choo, Swarovski belt: Marimo, red shoes: Prada, red clutch: Roger Vivier

You should have at least one THE dress in your wardrobe that looks chic, but feels comfortable! THE dress is a dress that fits, moves, breaths, is soft to your skin, and most importantly it´s easy to style. I suggest investing in a dress that you can wear to a business meeting, to the wedding, and to the brunch. The most important is to wear a dress that makes you feel good!


Clothing from left to right: Linaria coat in white plaid,
Salvia blouse in ivory, Lantana skirt in navy blue, Lagunaria jacket (pink/gray; wearable inside out), Leibnitzia dress in burgundy.
Accessories from left to right: white sneakers: Prada, nude handbag: Dolce & Gabbana, nude shoes: Christian Louboutin

My two favorite key items that I have in my wardrobe are the "IT" jacket and the coat. Every lady should have a jacket or coat that fits like a glove and suits with every look that you have in your wardrobe. Inspired by versatility I created a two-sided jacket that has two colors, so one jacket equals two jackets and you can wear exactly that color that suits the best with your look.


Clothing from left to right: Phymosia blouse, Primula pants and Parochetus dress.
Accessories from left to right: nude handbag: Dolce & Gabbana, white sneakers: Prada, red shoes: Prada, red clutch: Roger Vivier.

Invest into quality loungewear set that you can wear from couch to street! Yes, you read it right! Set like this will allow you to feel comfortable and elegant while at home, but also, when styled right, loungewear set makes it a perfect outfit for anything outside your home or even attending events, just pop on those shimmering shoes, add a red lipstick and you are ready!


Clothing from left to right:
Actae blouse in ivory, Liparis pants, Linaria coat in black, Salvia blouse in ivory
Accessories from left to right: black ankle boots: Christian Louboutin, black tote bag: Boyy, white sneakers: Prada, red lipstick: Dior

Accessories do make the look! The magic lies in investing timeless clothing items that all match together instead of having a lot of different garments that are difficult to match. This way you can combine multiple different looks, all you need is a bit of creativity and some quality accessories to dress down or dress up your looks just the way you need.

I hope you got some new ideas on how to create the ultimate capsule collection.
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Mariliis / Founder and creative director of Marimo Fashion