Those who have followed my brand for some time, probably know that I love natural materials, and silk is my absolute favorite! With its luxurious look and feel silk is a wonderful all-year fiber. It keeps you cool during hot summer days and warm during the winter.

Silk was a sign of great wealth in the past. Nowadays we have many different kinds of elegant silks, and they are affordable for all of us. Yes, quality silk garments are more expensive, but 100% worth the investment. As our Marimo fashion house has always taken sustainability very seriously and slow fashion is our aim, we create timelessly elegant pieces that last from season to season so you will cherish our silk garments for life.
cady couture silk

I use different types of stunning silk fabrics in my designs from floaty and soft crepe-de-chine to the most exclusive premium quality Cady silk, and here I’m going to share 8 reasons why I love silk so much:

1. Silk has an elegant and unique way of reflecting light, which means it will shimmer and shift color as light moves across it. This natural gloss is expensive as a result and fits with my design language.
2. I love silk because it’s light, relaxing, and super smooth against the skin. Because of its natural components, silk provides a nice tender and soft feeling producing a relaxing effect on the nervous system. Doesn't that sound good in today's fast-paced and stressful world? I think it does and this is also the reason why we use silk as a lining in most of our garments.
3. Silk is a natural thermal regulator, keeping the body cold in summer and warm in winter, so pieces made out of silk are perfect for any season. For me, it’s super important because I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe and clothing that doesn’t go out of fashion and is wearable any season.
4. Silk does not damage sensitive, dry, or irritable skin, which is an added value for those who are allergic to synthetic fabrics.
5. Silk, as well as wool, have the “self-cleaning” effect, so you don’t need to go to dry cleaning after every time you wear the piece made out of silk. After wearing your silk garments, just let them hang a few days before wearing them again.
6.  All natural fabrics crease a bit, but premium quality silks also straighten themselves. My favorites are super weight silk crepe and Cady silk which are slightly thicker - they don’t crease as much as crepe-de-chine and also straighten faster.
7. The best way to take care of silk garments is to take them to professional dry cleaning even if the silk piece can withstand hand-washing at home. Dry cleaners have access to special solvents that can target stains with different products according to the nature of the stain. Their steaming equipment is also more robust than at-home clothing steamers and often safer to use to get that wrinkle-free result you want.
8. One extra tip for you, dear ladies: I don’t take my silk blouses to dry cleaning after every time, but blouses made of silk crepe-de-chine need to get ironed after each time wearing them, so I like to steam them in the bathroom. It’s very easy and also a good tip while traveling. Just hang your silk garment into the bathroom, put the hot water running and close the door. With the hot steam, you will get the most beautiful wrinkle-free result you want! Simply allow the product to dry carefully before wearing it again.

If you don’t have silk garments in your wardrobe yet, I suggest starting with silk blouses or pieces that have silk lining. Silk blouses are perfect pieces for everyday use and easy to style with your favorite skirts or pants. Don’t wear poor quality materials only because you are afraid of natural fabrics and don’t know how to take care of them. We are living only once and our everyday well-being is the most precious gift we can make to ourselves.

Please also look the YouTube video about my thoughts on silk:

Stay safe! Stay chic!
Mariliis / Founder and creative director

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