Marimo is a slow fashion luxury brand based in Estonia. Founded in 2011, Marimo represents modern elegance, utmost quality from design and fabrics to tailoring, not to mention a personal approach to each beloved client.

We offer ready-to-wear, bespoke, and made-to-measure garments (offline and online), Capsule Wardrobe sets, curated based on your needs and lifestyle; as well as different styling services and workshops. Women from 19 countries worldwide have trusted us and our expertise in creating forever pieces that reflect their uniqueness and personality.

Marimo’s collections are designed by Mariliis Pikkar and created by experienced tailors in-house at our atelier in Tallinn Old Town. As we produce and represent timeless elegant fashion, our collections are timeless, and they stay in our main product line. We launch 2 main collections a year with the addition of smaller ones in between.

Having my own high-end fashion brand to help women worldwide look and feel beautiful and confident every day has been one of my biggest dreams since high school. I started to sew clothes for my sister’s dolls at the age of 6. I didn’t like to play with them, but I enjoyed making clothes for them. While being around 10-11 years old, my mom said that it’s time to try to sew for myself as well – I really liked it and I have made all my own clothes since then. In high school, I started to sew for my friends and during the university studies I made custom-made pieces for more and more women. As my mom was a professional tailor, she taught me that all garments must be made immaculately. I got my master's degree in Technology of Textiles and Garment Industry at a renowned university TalTech in Tallinn. During the previous recession in 2009 I decided to make my dream a reality and founded Marimo Fashion in 2010. I started alone but we have grown into a team of 8 people plus advisors for now.

When I create, I want to create garments that women really need and want. I lean on our clients´ feedback and build up collections of versatile staples that will last you a lifetime. I believe in conscious shopping. With my team we share all the knowledge and experience that we have to educate women from all over the world to shop more wisely and creating a fulfilling life.


Marimo´s experienced fashion designer Mariliis Pikkar with her fashion team offers styling services and personal shopping experiences. The team will map the lifestyle, body type, skin tone, wardrobe of the client. The fashion team will help to choose the garments that suit your body type and match your lifestyle, skin, and eye color. We will put together the look that will represent you at work, at the important event, or simply in everyday life.

Also, Marimo team helps to build a capsule wardrobe base that is built on cohesive and versatile outfit options that suit you and represent you whatever you are up to or wherever you go. We will help you to build a sustainable and timeless style that is easy to style and serves you for years.

During the shopping experience, the team will consider the lifestyle, personal style of the client and will share the best style tips for her body type. A well-thought-through wardrobe saves time and helps to avoid impulse purchases and “I don´t have nothing to wear” situations because with a wardrobe like this the client will always look stunning and will always have an amazing outfit to wear.

bespoke fashion


We do have a small collection of garments in our boutique but most of our pieces are created on-demand and made-to-measure. It is made especially for you with a perfect fit, lasting you for many, many years.

The idea of creating less and concentrating only on garments that are needed is refreshing and the starting point for all the collections.

What's important is that this approach allows production with less use of our natural resources and zero excess - no tons of clothing ending up in the landfill, as opposed to fast fashion where it's all about quantity.

We have always been attempting to use up all our fabrics. For instance, the bases of our crystal belts are made from small pieces of silk. All the excess is donated to different community groups and schools that make good use of them.

Did you know that 98% who work in the fashion industry (which is 1 in every 6 people on the planet) are NOT getting a living wage? Thanks to you it´s possible for me to appreciate my employees and pay the wage that they deserve for their work.

Mariliis Pikkar and her professional team all share a passion to empower women to embrace their authenticity, beauty, and character. Our mission is to spread the word and knowledge to help women all around the world look and feel beautiful and confident every day. 

Like Vera Wang says: "I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman". Let Marimo bring out the best in you so that you can focus on what really matters.

timeless luxury garments

MARIMO sündis 2010. aastal Mariliis Pikkari lihtsast soovist luua elegantseid rõivaid ettevõtlikele ja eneseteadlikele naistele. Naistele, kes on end ise üles töötanud ja teavad, mis nad väärt on. Mitu hooaega ja kollektsiooni hiljem on MARIMO jõudnud tänasesse - kohta, kus uued kollektsioonid sünnivad. Sünnivad loovuse, elegantsi ja kvaliteedi koosmõjust.

Meie kleidid-mantlid-sallid ei ole hingetu liinitoode. Nad on käsitööna valminud ainulaadsed ja erilised esemed, mis on valminud parimate Eesti rätsepate käe all parimatest peamiselt Itaaliast tellitud materjalidest. Alati erilised, alati isikupärased. Nad pole mõeldud igaühele - nad on mõeldud Mulle!