This year has been like an emotional rollercoaster but also a beautiful time filled with precious moments and memories to look back to.

I can’t believe another year has gone by. It’s passed very quickly for me. I remember so vividly my last birthday when I was expecting the smallest family member to join us.. it was like yesterday.

As he came into our lives only 4 days after my birthday, the whole year has been about getting used to new family dynamics and new ways of doing business next to the family of 5. To be honest, this year has been like an emotional rollercoaster but also a beautiful time filled with precious moments and memories to look back to. During this time many people have asked me how I manage it all, international business and 3 little children. The honest answer is that some days I don’t, but I do my best to stay balanced between work, family life, socializing, and hobbies. Waking up before others at 5 am gives me that much-needed me time, running and going for long walks in nature has provided me the necessary energy to function, and being organized has helped me to stay focused. This year has taught me a lot. I’ve gained more experience, learned from my mistakes, and grown wiser. This journey around the sun has been a reminder of the passage of time and the opportunities for personal growth and self-reflection.


Last year when our smallest family member was born, we were joking with my husband that from next year we need to take December off for all the celebrations. Next to 3 birthdays in our family, it’s also the holiday season that I love, and especially now with kids, I want to take everything from it. I want to make it perfect - magical and memorable for our family. This moment got me thinking. What if... what if it wouldn’t be just a silly idea? Would it really be possible to take December off as it's also the busiest month for Marimo?

It’s not a secret anymore that I love prepping early for the holiday season. I visualize in August which Christmas I would like to have this year, make a list of things that need to get done, and start doing them step by step. This year more than ever, it’s been the same with birthday celebrations and business. After laughing about this joke, I decided a year ago that in the following years, I try to work less in December and the plans for the next year, marketing, and all the other big business-related things should be done and solved before December. I’d say we’ve done good work with the team, and I really can focus on family and Marimo customers during the busiest month of the year. This is what helps me and the whole Marimo team to avoid the last-minute rush and I can enjoy all the celebrations and be present.


I’ve always loved giving Christmas gifts to others, and it’s been especially important to me making them myself. There have been years when I made all the gifts myself, starting in July to knit, embroider, or sew something for each family member. I think handmade gifts have a personal touch and they are more meaningful to the recipients. It allows me to showcase my creativity and craftsmanship while also showing the effort and thought I’ve put into each gift. It makes the gift more valuable for me and hopefully also for the recipients.

This year I’ve prepared personalized Christmas stockings for our family. I had this idea in my mind already last year but as we didn’t know the name of the smallest family member yet, I decided to continue with it this year. As zero waste production is important to me, I’ve used the leftovers from Marimo garments to make the stockings, so they are very luxurious made of high-quality white wool we use for our Limonium coat and lined with silk, and names are embroidered with the wool thread. In my dreams, we will use these Christmas stockings for the rest of our lives, and I hope that one day kids will look at these stockings and think back fondly to their childhood...


I’d say there’s no better feeling than giving people something from my heart - it’s thoughtful and generous and this way I can show people around me that I care about their happiness and well-being. This is why we have also prepared something for you. I want to thank each and every client of Marimo for their continuous support and trust, so we decided to make the last month of the year extra special for you - my team and I are gifting you free styling ideas through the month to give you some great inspiration for the upcoming holiday season. It’s like a Christmas calendar that you can open every other day to unlock new styling ideas. We’ve been enjoying the process of creating these styling ideas for different holiday occasions, our aim is to share the ideas and inspiration so you can save your time on thinking “what to wear” and focus on more important things while looking put together and beautiful. We really want to make this holiday season memorable for you, so start unlocking your little gifts through our Instagram channel.

The magic is in the air, and I hope you have the opportunity to take time for yourself and the things and people you love the most. I’m happy to be another year wiser and looking forward to what the next year will bring. Now it’s time to celebrate achievements, set new goals, and continue to evolve as an individual. ♥️

Much Love,
Founder & Creative director


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