Wearing: Linaria coatdress in plaid ivory, Lamium bodysuit in black, Rubia pencil skirt in pink, Crystal belt in black

In today’s world filled with constant pressure to consume and buy, I want to share some ideas and discuss what to keep in mind when shopping for clothes if you want to create a conscious wardrobe that meets your needs. Investing in quality clothes means that you won't need to buy replacements as often, which can help you save money in the long run.

 MARIMO atelier, the making of a custom green alpaca coat // Wearing: Leibnitzia dress in rose pattern, Limonium coatin ivory // Showing: Actaea top in ivory, Medinilla jacket in black

Investing in quality clothes is a great way to ensure that your wardrobe is always looking its best. Quality clothes are made of higher-quality fabrics and materials that are designed to last longer and look better. Quality clothing also often has better manufacturing standards, which means it's less likely to shrink, fade, or tear over time. For example, we in Marimo source textiles only from trusted factories that have proven that their textiles are up to high-quality standards. All our garments are created in our atelier next to our boutique, so we have full control of the whole process and we can ensure high quality.

And remember, before going shopping, do a good clean-up and leave only those garments that you love and that represent your current lifestyle. Make a list of things that you actually need, and create a color palette. If you need any help with creating your perfect wardrobe, book your consultancy by emailing us

Wearing: Leibnitzia dress in rose pattern, Limonium coat in ivory // mint green silk jaquard from our Leibnitzia dress


Timeless garments are usually made with quality materials that are designed to last. Look for garments made with fabrics like silk, wool, and good quality polyester that can withstand wear and tear over time.

Forever pieces often feature classic silhouettes that never go out of style. Avoid trendy cuts that can look outdated quickly and opt for classic shapes that will still look fashionable years from now.

To keep your timeless garment looking its best, be sure to take the right care of it and store it properly by hanging it up in a garment bag to keep dust and dirt away. With the right care, your timeless piece can last for years!

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