bold statement pencil dress yellow woolWearing: Degenia yellow pencil dress, Skinny belt with crystal element, Medinilla silk jacket in black

When wearing a statement color, choose items that are flattering to your body shape and skin tone. For example, if you plan on wearing a yellow dress, pair it with neutral accessories like gold jewelry. This will ensure that your statement color really stands out and looks great!

woman wearing a yellow dress with statement shoesWearing: Lilium yellow midi dress, Skinny crystal belt


  • When wearing a statement color, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral so that the color stands out.

  • Incorporate the statement color into your outfit in multiple ways, such as pairing it with a matching accessory or color blocking with a coordinating hue.

  • Choose a statement color that complements your skin tone.

woman wearing a yellow pencil dressWearing: Degenia yellow pencil dressSkinny belt with crystal element


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