It has been a dream of mine to launch an exquisite cashmere collection. Cashmere is the queen of yarns. Soft, warm and very lightweight. Timeless and always on-trend. With the right care it will last you for years, making it a smart investment.

Why cashmere?

The luxurious feel and softness of cashmere are unbeatable. Cashmere is thermoregulating, thus a very practical material for all seasons keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. With proper care, it hardly pills remaining neat and beautiful. It is finer, lighter and softer than sheep wool offering better insulating properties. Cashmere is seven to eight times warmer than Merino and super lightweight, making it the best travel companion.

Exceptional qualities include:

  • DURABLE and when cared for properly will last you for years. The natural elasticity of cashmere fibers helps them retain their shape over, and it doesn't wrinkle.
  • GETS SOFTER IN TIME when worn. Feels like an unforgettable hug.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC properties make it a good choice for those with allergies.
  • WISE INVESTMENT thanks to its timeless qualities, resulting in a very reasonable cost-per-wear.

Our first-ever limited edition cashmere piece

The first cashmere product we are launching is the long Eleocharis cardigan, an exclusive limited edition design with a total of 50 pieces. This is how we can keep our production sustainable and avoid any excess and waste. It comes in three colors, blueish-grey, pale beige, and dusty rose. To secure the right size and color you can pre-order it here. The production will start end of September after we have collected the orders and will be ready in November.

The cardigan is made from premium cashmere in Italy as a custom design that we worked on for a year. It’s chic, versatile and easy to style. The slits add playfulness and the midi length creates a refined look. It's great for layering and dressing down your look in a sleek way or adding a chic touch to your casual look.

    How and where to wear it? 

    The classy shawl collar and belt make it a versatile layering piece. Wear it open with the belt tied at the back to create a long silhouette or wrap yourself in its warm embrace on a cooler day. Match it with your pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. Wear it with heels, flats, boots or sandals. It adds a chic touch even to your most casual looks. It’s the go-to piece for different seasons and occasions from running errands to dressing down your elegant silk dress. The cut is perfect for all body types. 

      Testing it out myself

      As with every product I tested it out to see how it holds up under different conditions. I wore this blueish-grey cardigan the whole summer from road trips with my family, at work and picnics, to pairing it with my slip silk dress on a date night. I even passed the test of rain. Just remember to flat-dry it when it happens and use a steamer if needed. On a windy day, it kept me warm, which is not always the case with knits. I was pleased to see that it didn't crease when sitting on it for hours. A truly beautiful and practical piece!


      Did you know?

      Cashmere is a luxurious and highly valued natural fiber derived from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats. The history of cashmere is woven with centuries of tradition, luxury, and cultural significance. This exquisite natural fiber has graced the wardrobes of royalty, symbolized opulence, and has a production process that still remains intricate.  

      Renowned for its exceptional softness, warmth, and comfort, its journey can be traced back to the rugged terrain of the Himalayan region, where the cashmere goat has thrived for centuries. The name comes from Kashmir, where it was first woven into fabric. For centuries, nomadic herders in regions including Tibet, and Mongolia began harvesting the fine undercoat of these goats to create garments that provided warmth and protection against the harsh weather. 

      The process of cashmere production is a delicate art that requires a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. It's a series of intricate steps to transform it into the luxurious fabric that is so highly regarded.

      Marimo’s cashmere knits are designed at the Marimo atelier and produced in Italy which is well-known for its strong traditions and high-quality craftsmanship of cashmere garments. 

      Wrap yourself in the softness of Marimo cashmere   

      Founder & Creative Director


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