STYLING advice with pencil skirts

It’s important to make an effort to dress up for the holidays, especially for Christmas and New Year’s eve even if it’s just for yourself, your husband and kids. Slipping into a beautiful outfit will automatically transport you to a festive mood.

Here are looks that make you feel confident, comfortable and are perfect for festive events. The best part is that these garments will not be sitting in your closet and waiting for the next holiday season but will find a lot of use during the whole year.

black lace pencil skirtStyling: Rubia pencil skirt, Iris peplum top, Narrow crystal belt in matte black

The lace pencil skirt and peplum blouse is a match made in heaven, the perfect outfit for any festive event. Create contrasts with classical black and beige combination or white and black, both look stunning on different body tpes.

black lace pencil skirtStyling: Rubia pencil skirt, Medinilla jacket

A perfectly tailored jacket is a representation of true elegance. Wear it with our lace skirt and this look will turn heads at any event, a true power look.

green lace pencil skirtStyling: Rubia pencil skirt, Lamium bodysuitNarrow crystal belt in matte blackHeadpiece from QLR disain

Sometimes less is more, by combining simple silhouettes you keep the whole look sleek and chic. Mix different patterns and textures to create a fun and eye-catching result. I absolutely love mixing our lace skirt with our slightly glittering bodysuit. The outfit suits different body types and for different occasions.


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