Wearing: Limonium coat in green, Lagetta in petrol blue print, Zabelia blouse in glittering gold

Mixing different colors, patterns or textures can be either a real headache or a wonderful way to express your creativity and freshen up your everyday looks. To get a showstopping look that turns heads but stays elegant I have put together a list of suggestions.

Wearing: Limonium coat in green, Lagetta in petrol blue print, Zabelia blouse in glittering gold, Gold chain with a pearl


  • Start with a few classic pieces - basics that you can mix and match with different pieces to create your chic look.
  • Incorporate accessories. Choose colors and textures that complement each other and add an interesting touch to your outfit.
  • Layer different pieces to create a unique look. Adding layers is the perfect way to add texture and style to your mix and match look.

Wearing: Limonium coat in greenLagetta in petrol blue print, Zabelia blouse in glittering gold

When keeping in mind these guidelines, it can be fun to experiment mixing and matching your wardrobe! I hope these tips encourage you to look at your wardrobe in a playful and creative way yet still stay chic!

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