Who doesn't dream about chic champagne parties or glamorous picnics with a splendid summer cocktail, fresh and light as a summer breeze?

Marimo Lagenaria Dress
Marimo Lapageria Dress

MARIMO exquisite summer cocktail's ingredients are:

  • Comfy feeling, provided by the best light-weighted garments
  • Ecological, natural, breathable fabrics, which have built-in thermoregulating system (e.g. silk and cotton can cool you and warm you up according to the outside temperatures)
  • Aesthetically appealing beauty and elegance

1. Summer champagne parties. Chic & glam.

Leibnitzia Pink Silk Dress

With this loose fit, softly falling and light-weighted Leibnitzia dress you definitely will be looked upon as a stunning summer outdoor party's queen, capturing all of the admirable glances at you.

Iconic Actaea Ivory Blouse & Guipure Lace Rubia Skirt

With this iconic Actaea Ivory silk blouse and guipure lace Rubia skirt you can create your exquisite timeless and made to last style, which is perfect due to its trans-seasonal practicality.

2. Summer garden picnics. Elegance & comfort.

As the summer heat and temperatures start to rise, get ready and prepared for the picnic in a garden with our exclusive Marimo summer dresses. 

Reseda Summer Edition

Reseda Summer Edition has clean style on a very high level. This softly falling gown is made of finest luxury silks and it's free-flowing olive pattern skirt brings just a bit of playfulness to your summer days.

 Lilium Gray Dress

This flowing cotton midi dress Lilium Gray is not only perfect for summer celebrations but also for a glamorous business woman's weekdays. 

Leibnitzia Olive Pattern Dress

Leibnitzia Olive pattern dress is definitely the stunning hit of the summer. Enjoy the walks by the sea and dinners on the beach. Perfect to wear with sneakers for a more casual look and high heels for all those beautiful summer celebrations.

Much Love,

by Julia Aiste
Brand Manager
-in the name of beauty-

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