Once again we continue with our mini-interview series with our dear clients. Here are all the answers to our questions from our sweet Anna-Maria!

Woman walking in a cobble stone streat with umbrella

 Beautiful Anna-Maria is wearing our signature  Marimo logo silk scarf and a custom-made Marimo blazer.


Woman posing in a jumpsuit

 Anna Maria is showcasing our timeless Jumpsuit!

All the garments were created keeping in mind Anna-Maria herself!

My team and I made sure that the choice of the cuts and textiles would go together with her busy lifestyle, personality and that she would feel super comfortable in them while also travelling (garments are easy to take care of, they don´t crease, etc).

Find more information about made-to-measure and custom orders here. 



With love and Gratitude,

Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis



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