our client and designer in a personal consultationMariko and Mariliis meeting for the first time in real life

From the day Marimo was founded I have always envisioned visiting my dear clients overseas one day. That day came in March. Mariko is a talented violinist living in Austria who discovered Marimo two years ago after searching for made-to-measure clothing. During this time, I have had the pleasure of designing different garments mainly for her performances in different concert halls around the world, as well as other events and social engagements. 

 client wearing custom made silk garments

Mariko wearing her Orthilia wrap blouse and Silene maxi skirt

I am very pleased that we had built a strong relationship that led us to fly over to her home and finally meet in person. Mariko’s wish was to have an in-person consultation, analyze her wardrobe and try on various Marimo designs that we had brought with us. Then we sat down and compiled her next Marimo collection, chose the color palette and fabrics. Mariko loves silk and bold colors. She values ultimate quality and needs garments that fit the occasion, as well as fit her comfortably, so that she would be able to fully focus on her performance.

personal wardrobe consultation in the clients homeMariliis and Mariko trying on different garments and discussing the wardrobe 

This face-to-face meeting gave me a better understanding of her style, figure and preferences. Not to mention that it was so productive, as we mapped out everything in three hours. Soon I know we will be expanding our scope and flying to our clients in the US, Australia etc.  

I am beyond honored and happy to have built not only a brand but a community. Community is made of trusting relationships, respect and shared values. My team and I have connected with ladies who I admire immensely both in Estonia and abroad. Thank you for trusting Marimo!  

silk dress and coatdress worn by clientMariko wearing her green silk Leibnitzia dress and custom blue silk Linaria coatdress

Please get in touch if you’d like to have an in-person consultation either at our atelier in Tallinn, or at the convenience of your home. 

With love & gratitude,
Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis

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