Women's red jumpsuit

In my everyday work, I can see how harsh women are with themselves, especially about their bodies. STOP! You are beautiful as you are, you simply need to learn how to work with your body type and choose the clothes that work for you not against you!

Here I have highlighted three Marimo garments that I created keeping different body types in mind and the best part is they are so versatile and easy to style no matter what you are up to!

 womens red jumpsuit and black jumpsuit with styling


LITTORELLA JUMPSUIT – a bit loose cut covers elegantly the upper body but defines the waist by creating a beautiful proportional overall silhouette and a taller body.

 Olive pattern silk summer dress for women with styling options

LEIBNITZIA DRESS – a flowy dress that gives you a nice amount of coverage, but at the same time creates a beautiful silhouette with a defined waist.

 women's lace pencil skirt with bodysuit and cardigan styling options

RUBIA PENCIL SKIRT – pencil skirts have this myth that they only fit women with narrow hips. Whereas in fact they suit different body types especially when it´s made for you. If you try on a pencil skirt in a standard size it might look odd and feel uncomfortable, because your hips and waist might be in different sizes.

women's pink silk summer dress

Wearing: Leibnitzia pink summer dress

I´m happy to announce that my new YouTube video is out! It´s all about knowing your body type, how to work with it not against it, and creating a wardrobe according to it.

To learn more specifically about dressing your body type please head to Marimo´s YouTube channel and watch my latest video.


With love and Gratitude,

Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis

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