What if dresses could travel? And actually, they CAN! Gowns can travel to all versatile destinations of the whole world in order to find their new home :)

1.  Toronto, Canada

Elegant & graceful Beata in her new Obregonia Striped dress
Photo is taken in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

This way MARIMO's Obregonia Striped dress found its new beloved owner, Beata, in Toronto, Canada. As Beata commented later: "I love my easy but very classy dress! I am so glad with the quality and client service, so will order more pieces soon!". And so she did.
Beata is definitely one of our most beloved clients and here is what that amazing woman values in our co-operation:


2. Wisconsin, USA

Beautiful Holly in her Lunaria Nude Pink dress with 100% vegan lining,
Wisconsin, USA.

Professional fitness trainer Holly's choice was the Lunaria Nude Pink dress. The dress was made with a special 100% vegan viscose lining upon Holly's request to match her elegant values and style.

3. Geneva, Switzerland

Amazing Anna in her made-to-measure Lunaria Nude Pink dress, 
Geneva, Switzerland.

Lunaria Nude Pink is definitely one of those dresses, when you can say - The Dress. As simple as that, The Dress, is now well-known all over the world thanks to Anna Bey, the Founder of School of Affluence, schoolofaffluence.com, Geneva, Switzerland. 

Being a designer and getting recognition for her creations, that is the highest praise! When this recognition comes from overseas it just feels that much more special. We can not be more thankful for that. We believe that beauty is an international concept, which has no boundaries and thus stays as a common definition for all of us. 
Special thanks to all of our beloved international clients for the trust and appreciation. We do value that a lot.
Stay safe! Stay chic!
Mariliis / Founder and creative director


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