How I accidentally became a YouTuber I From idea to upload

If you love what you do and create value, you find ways to bring it to more and more people to help them. This is where YouTube came into my life.
The fashion world has changed a lot during the last decade and minimal wardrobe, styling and body type dressing is in focus these days. This is exactly what aligns with my classical design language, and most of my YouTube videos cover these topics, helping women create their dream wardrobes. So, the purpose of my YouTube channel is to bring value to people, to share educational content with those who really need it and search for it. 

In a world where fast fashion has been in focus for too long, I feel that a small slow fashion brand like mine, which stands for the right values, is what people are looking for. And I feel that it's my duty to educate them to understand the real value of quality garments - this includes valuing the cost of the garment, which is made in good working conditions with fair wages, as well as appreciating the value that a good quality garment offers. Quality pieces have a low cost-per-wear in the long run, not to mention how good you will look when wearing beautifully made high-quality pieces every day.

BEHIND THE LENS: The reality of creating a youtube video

What I've realised during this journey of starting my YouTube channel is that it’s not as easy as it may seem. It’s hard work, requiring a lot of effort to produce one good-looking and value-sharing video. The first most time-consuming part has been getting to know how YouTube works and what makes a video stand out – this requires a lot of time and also continuous learning as things change very quickly in social media. The preparation it takes is more than just writing, filming and editing. Together with the team, we brainstorm content ideas. I need to write a script that can't be too long, and I also need to bring it to people in the most authentic yet engaging way. This brings me to another aspect I’ve devoted my time to which has been English. English isn't my first language, so I've had to work hard independently to speak and write well. When I write my scripts, I make sure to practice saying the words correctly to get a smooth final result.

After the finished scripts we need to create a shooting plan to think through what visuals we use to illustrate the topic I am talking about. And then it’s finally time to actually film the video. Talking in front of the camera has also taken some practise. Watching myself on screen for the first time was a bit weird - I'm not an actor, so it has taken some time to get used to and now each time I evaluate my performance and try to improve in the next video. 

When it comes to shooting the video, with fashion-related content there’s also additional tasks like packing the clothes, outfit changes with a full face of make-up between filming, transportation of all the necessary props for the video that needs to be handled by someone. At times it feels like we need a full production team. Even little things like setting up the right lighting or finding the perfect angle for filming can be tricky and bring unexpected challenges. Despite careful planning, there have been surprises, like trying to record with squeaky floors or having noisy neighbours next door while filming in the studio. 

But each challenge becomes a lesson learned and will take us forward to become better at this. Despite all of these time-consuming aspects, the passion for creating inspiring and helpful content keeps us going. 

As we are still in the beginning of this journey, we would be very thankful if you would subscribe to Marimo’s YouTube channel. In the long run, we envision this channel as the main platform where we will share styling tips and other valuable information.


Sending much love!

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