Woman demonstrating creating a capsule wardrobeWearing: Littorella ivory jumpsuit, Widdrintonia black silk top, Rubia ivory lace skirt

One of the reasons why you may feel that you don´t have anything to wear is because the colors in your wardrobe just don´t go together or they don’t suit you. I suggest thinking this one through and building your wardrobe color palette strategically.

Too many different colors and patterns make styling hard and will leave you feeling that you have a closet full of garments but still nothing to wear. Colors are as important as the design of your clothes - they have to suit you. 

Woman demonstrating a capsul wardrobe and holding a silk dressWearing: Littorella ivory jumpsuit

A good way to determine your color palette and if you lean more towards cool colors or warm colors is by doing the vein test - Look at the veins on your wrist in natural daylight. If your veins appear blue, you’re cool-toned. If your veins appear green, you’re warm-toned or olive. If your veins are a little of both, you’re neutral or even olive.

But regardless of what the color test tells you, don’t get stuck on the so called right color. But instead ask yourself, which colors do you feel great in? First, select your base color. Navy or black color is perfect for a base color. This will be your main color of the wardrobe. Next, select a couple of neutral colors like white, ivory, nude, beige, caramel, or gray. Pick a couple of accent colors that complement your eye color and skin tone, such as red, blue, yellow etc. Make your wardrobe more lively with patterns or textured fabrics. 

In Marimo we help women create their wardrobes all over the world. One that represents you, is carefully crafted, smart and sustainable, where each piece suits you perfectly because it’s made for you. In this process we help you to select your base color, neutral colors, accent colors, patterns and materials.

woman standing in an olive pattern silk summer dressWearing: Leibnitzia olive pattern summer dress 

If you want to learn more about colors and how to build a capsule wardrobe that suits your skin and hair color, but also your lifestyle, check out my new YouTube video and subscribe to the channel, like this video and share it with a friend or family member. If you are interested in creating a capsule wardrobe with me please e-mail me


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