The most important achievement is our Marimo community of amazing women from all over the world!

Finding a community of like-minded women can be a powerful experience. Whether it's through shared interests, career paths, or life experiences, having a group of women who understand and support you can provide a sense of belonging and empowerment. By connecting with others who share your values and goals, you can gain new perspectives and insights, and build meaningful relationships.

That´s why we organized a little thank-you event for our local clients, to bring all those amazing women together and spend an evening together. By coming together, we can support each other in achieving our goals and creating positive change in the world.

Through the years I’ve built Marimo, I’ve met women who trust me and our team, and who share common interests, values, and goals for life. With many of you, I feel I’m more of a friend than just a service provider. Every time we meet, we talk about different topics that are important in life. I feel that I know so many great women who I have a lot to learn from and with whom I love to share my knowledge and life. You are the inspiration for my designs and the ones I feel connected to.

To cherish this community of like-minded people, we decided to bring these powerful women together and organized a luxurious dinner-style event for Marimo’s local loyal customers. The idea was to get our customers to know each other, deepen the relationship, enjoy the good food and champagne, and spend the evening in good company by sharing meaningful stories. I really enjoyed the evening and saw that everybody who had the opportunity to be a part of it, did the same. This was our way to thank you for trusting me, Marimo, and the whole team behind it. Without you, Marimo wouldn’t be the same.



Can’t wait for our next event! ♥️

Founder & Creative Director

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