woman wearing a kate middleton inspired look

Wearing: Actaea blouse in ivory, Lachenalia skirt in petrol blue 

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales has become the ultimate symbol of elegance and timeless style. She has perfectly nailed the professional elegance as well, which is essential for any woman who wants to look put together and feel confident at her workplace. Here I will demonstrate simple ways how you can re-create Kate’s professional looks. The key is quality and simplicity in designs, as well as the perfect fit.

kate middleton inspired look

Products in this styling: Leibnitzia dress in emerald green

An A-line dress makes a perfect professional look and is flattering on all body types.

Tips for the perfect A-line dress:

  • Opt for sleeves either elongated, three-quarters, or long for an appropriate professional look.
  • Make sure the length is below the knee, or at the knee, not mini.
  • Choose a nice detail to make the simple dress stand out, for example a crystal belt.
kate middleton inspired outfit

Products in this styling: Ludwigia dress in pale pink, Limonium coat in ivory

A pencil dress is feminine, timeless and a real workplace classic. It suits all 5 body types when made for you.

Tips for the perfect pencil dress:

  • Make sure the length is below the knee, or at the knee, for an elegant outcome.
  • Opt for elongated sleeves that cover the shoulder to make it office-appropriate.
  • Sleeves add classiness and warmth.
kate middleton inspired modern royal look

Products in this styling: Actaea blouse in ivory, Lachenalia skirt in petrol blue 

This A-line skirt and blouse combo is perfect for the office or other professional settings. Plus, this look suits different body types and is timeless.

Tips for this look:

  • Choose a skirt that is below the knee and hits the slimmest part of your knee, this is elegant and makes you look taller.
  • A high-low hem model looks extra flattering.
  • The pattern adds some playfulness to this simple blouse and skirt combination.

Kate Middleton inspired proffessional looks tutorial video

I hope you enjoyed these styling tips that are inspired by the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton!

With love & gratitude,
Founder & Designer

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