Marimo’s luxurious scarves collection is thoughtfully created to complement Marimo’s garments and help you to transform your outfits by adding only one little detail. We have designed our scarves the way that they would fit with the whole Marimo collection, that they would protect you from cold but also add playfulness into your outfit. We have used a beautiful flowy and feminine floral pattern design and put it in different colors to suit our carefully selected color palette. Our range of scarves features different options for you to choose from, whether you’re after a warm wool-silk neck scarf or the lightweight allure of pure silk.

Asian woman wearing a silk scarf

silk scarf collection
The scarf doesn´t have to be only a practical "boring" accessory that you just throw around the neck. It can be a very fun accessory that spices up your looks in very playful ways. Here are our favorite ways how to tie a silk scarf and make it stand out while complementing your whole look.


asian woman wearing a braided neck scarf


Marimo's black and white silk scarf is essential in the wardrobe, since it goes with any color. Just spice up your costume with this timeless accessory, that looks fabulous braided around the neck.

A draped neck scarf in wool and silk blend will keep you nice and warm in the crispy season. Add it to the mohair wool coat to stay warm and cozy all through the wintertime.


This floral lilac silk habotai scarf looks adorable when braided into the hair. Just a little extra touch for the appearance. This scarf has been designed since the beginning to match our bestseller Ledodendron jacket, but also a perfect addition to the little lilac dress or even to casual jeans and t-shirt look.


For special occasions you can tie the silk scarf into a beautiful rose and add to your outfit or wear it around the neck. Try it out to add some detail to Marimo's jumpsuit for example. 



Stay safe! Stay chic!

Mariliis / Founder and creative director

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