My career as a fashion designer started years ago by offering a made-to-measure service in Estonia. Five years ago, I saw that we needed to bring this service online with Marimo to fill a gap in the fashion market. My goal has always been to make women look and feel beautiful daily and I’ve seen that in made-to-measure garments they feel the most confident and can achieve anything they imagine! I realized that Marimo’s made-to-measure expertise is what women all around the world need these days – it’s not only about made-to-measure pieces for a special occasion but also about using made-to-measure service for regular garments to feel your best every day!

I know there are women who are afraid of made-to-measure clothing because of a previous bad experience or it’s just hard to imagine how a garment would suit you when made according to your measurements. But as our team is made of experts in that field, we always give 150% to ensure the best possible fit regardless of the size or body shape and we have countless happy customers around the world trusting us.

Why made-to-measure?

Once you have had a made-to-measure garment, chances are rare that you will go back to regular size clothes. When made-to-measure, every millimeter counts, and nothing is overlooked.

If a garment is made according to your measurements, it suits your body type.

For example, over the years, I’ve heard so many pear body-typed women saying that pencil skirts and dresses are not for them. This is the biggest misbelief I’d say! Pear body type looks very beautiful in fitted skirts – their tiny waist and beautiful hips are just perfect for a nice pencil skirt, moreover, the design creates a beautiful long silhouette! We have recommended many women with that body type to try made-to-measure pencil skirts and now they don’t want to wear anything else! When made-to-measure, pencil skirts fit them like a glove.

The issue arises when you go to a regular store and try on skirts (or other pieces) in a standard size. Mostly they are too big in the waist while fitting in hips and vice versa. To find a standard size pencil skirt that would suit you, you would need to be exactly in those size brackets, but most of us are not and that’s normal.

Discover and learn more about your body type from our Body Type Guide or watch our Youtube video here.

How does Marimo's made-to-measure service work?

We always put our customers first. My goal is to offer solutions to problems women have regarding their garments - my team and I always give women our recommendations, but we do not impose our opinions. You are the one who is wearing the garment, and you need to feel comfortable in it!

The made-to-measure process always begins with a consultation and taking accurate measurements. If you live in another country, we will help you with the measuring process and will consult you along the way to ensure the right measurements and the best possible fit! For made-to-measure online orders, we make fittings on an adjustable mannequin or on a person with the same measurements to deliver the perfect outcome.

With a made-to-measure option, you can choose the fabric and color, we will talk about the style and detailing and make them according to your preferences so your garments will be unique and personalized. When starting to make a made-to-measure garment for you:

- it’s important for us to understand if you prefer more fitted garments or slightly looser fit. We ask for your preferences and take them into account when crafting the garment(s) for you.

- we are happy to make changes to the designs according to your needs and preferences. For example, one of the most common concerns has been the open back. I love open back designs, but I also understand that women do not always want to wear them, so we are happy to close the back for your convenience because again, it’s important to me that you feel your best when wearing our garments.

- in addition to other measurements, we ask for your height. You don’t have to worry if you are petite and not in a model height. In this process, we take into account only your measurements!

- we give you the color suggestions. If you would like to have a garment from our selection in another color, we will make it happen.

Made-to-measure garments are tailored to your body type and size to show your best features, resulting in a flattering and comfortable fit compared to ready-to-wear clothing. Considering that you will be investing in a great quality piece, the extra fee for the made-to-measure service is very reasonable to have a perfectly fitted garment. It´s not only investing in an item, it´s investing into yourself and your wellbeing. When your clothes fit you well, it boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Our beautiful Marimo women feeling confident in Marimo made-to-measure garments.
Founder & Creative Director

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