Last year, I decided that this time I try to design two collections simultaneously.
The reason is simple - this way I think through everything that we are missing from Marimo’s products, and it also gives me more creative freedom. As you may know, I have limited myself to 10-12 pieces in one collection, but this way I can create 20-24 pieces at the same time. :)

So, the process has been a bit different this time.

I started to check the list I have created on an ongoing basis. I always put myself a note when I have an idea for a new piece or when I’ve talked to our customers about what they are looking for and what should I create for Marimo’s collection. Also, when there is something, we have created as a custom order that I see could be a part of the main collection. So, I went through the list, created the order of priority, and started to create the story and actual pieces around it.

I tried to be in this much-needed creative bubble during that time, so I read fashion-related books and magazines, went for long walks in nature, and created an inspiring creative bubble for myself. Elves brought me the biography of Anna Wintour and as it was very interesting from the first sentence, I got curious about how the printed magazine looks today and bought the last issue of Vogue. Mostly I’ve read the magazine online, but it was very refreshing to hold the printed version in hand and read it after a long time. When the first book was finished, I continued to read Karl Lagerfeld’s biography and felt again that it was so interesting to read about other designers and creative people. What has been their philosophy, and what kind of a life they had. It gives so many fresh ideas and a new perspective to my work.

At some point, I felt that I had too many ideas, and it was hard to make the final decisions about which pieces stay in the collections and which ones I needed to put aside, which garments I put into the spring-summer collection, and which ones into fall-winter one. One thing was clear - I wanted the fall-winter collection to be more festive and create different evening gowns into this one, but other than that, it was not just creative work, it was a difficult decision-making process of which pieces you see your clients wearing and which ones not, which designs make women beautiful and what do they need... which pieces are more versatile and go together with Marimo’s earlier collections, etc. 

In general, I’m a quick decision maker but when it comes to a collection, there are so many different things I need to think through. The pieces I decide to put into a collection must speak to Marimo’s clientele. Also, as a business owner, I can´t ignore the fact that we need to sell all the pieces. Not only the design is important, but the pieces need to be wearable. It all starts with selecting fabrics and colors. It can’t be just different pieces I see we need to add to our product line, but the collection must create a whole.

Making a collection for me is also making art. At some point, I made a conscious decision to prioritize and dedicate more time to it, because designing garments was the main aspiration when I started my fashion business. I've created a little relaxing video of creating my fashion sketches and I’m happy to welcome you to watch it HERE.


In busy times where do you find your strength and inspiration? 

For me it’s nature. It’s my muse, my mentor, my grounding force. A real luxury that we are lucky enough to easily access in Estonia. More than half of our land is covered with forest and the coastline stretches for miles on end. The flora and fauna so rich, the air so pure.

Balance is the real luxury. This collection brings you pieces to balance out the everyday pace and adrenaline. To step back and enjoy different scenery, with more colours, tastes and smells.

Discover our new SS24 collection here.

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