woman wearing an elegant pencil skirtWearing: Rubia pencil skirt in Ivory, Iris peplum top in glittering silver white

My top four pencil skirts that I adore and that make me feel confident! Pencil skirt is not an item that should be left hanging in your closet only for that special occasion. Chic and elegant clothes can and should be worn daily.

  • A plissé pencil skirt adds some chicness to an everyday look. Designed for a woman on the go to feel elegant and free in whatever she does. 

  • A classic pencil skirt with a print is a perfect autumn edition. This one is made of a carefully selected floral printed wool blend fabric in petrol blue, ivory and ochre colours.

  • This asymmetric pencil skirt has a wrap silhouette that’s slit in the front and is a real eye-catcher. Made of virgin wool, it’s a classy way to express your free spirit and looks great both in offices as well as parties.

  • A sophisticated lace pencil skirt is very versatile. Our ivory lace pencil skirt is made of stunning macrame lace which feels luxurious yet can be styled casually as well.


how to style a pencil skirt daily

Products: Lantana pencil skirt in nude pink, Lagetta pencil skirt in petrol blue print, Rubia pencil skirt in ivory lace, Rhizophora pencil skirt in light grey


With love & gratitude,
Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis

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