We have started a new journal series - mini-interviews with our dear clients. Here´s the first one with gorgeous Pille. We asked she answered.

Beautiful Pille is wearing a custom made dress. Her wish was to create an elegant and feminine dress that she could wear every day and everywhere, with sneakers and heels, with a leather jacket to add the edge to the look but also to throw on a coat for a more put-together look.

In our fashion house, we provide a made-to-measure and custom order services either in our boutique or for online orders. I recommend using the advantage of tailor-made outfits, whenever it is possible. It is not only the ideal fit that you get but comforts too.

With a made-to-measure piece, we are using your measurements and taking into account all nuances of your figure which results in comfortable garments that are made especially for You.

Find more information about made-to-measure and custom orders here.

Stay safe! Stay chic!

Mariliis / Founder and creative director

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