As a designer, I see every day how women struggle with creating their dream wardrobes. That, as well as the way how I’ve started to renew my wardrobe now after all my pregnancies, and a conversation we had with one of our loyal customers in December, inspired me to write this post. 

Creating your dream wardrobe involves consideration of your needs, personal style, and lifestyle – yes. But also, thoughtful planning and organization. Like with everything else in life, divide your plan into steps to achieve the end goal.
  So, let's start to reach that dream!

- I love to organize my wardrobe by categories – tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, etc, color, and in order of length for easy access. Plus, that way my wardrobe looks beautiful and well organized.  

- If that’s done, declutter. Go through your current wardrobe and donate or sell the items you no longer see yourself wearing. The unwritten rule is that if you haven’t worn an item for a year, you most probably won’t wear it again. Of course, there are exceptions, for example, a wedding dress or some other items that have an emotional value, or evening gowns you don’t wear often. But it’s not reasonable to keep the everyday key items you don’t see yourself wearing again. Our style changes in time and that’s normal. 

- If it’s hard for you to let go of some pieces, try to think of a way that someone else can give these pieces a new life, and they don’t have to hide in your closet anymore.  

- Consider your daily routine, work, and social life. Your wardrobe should be created according to your needs.  

- Collect images of outfits, styles, and pieces that resonate with you. Take into account the seasons and ensure your wardrobe includes appropriate clothing for each. For example, create a summer capsule and winter capsule and do it in a way that during the transitional seasons, you can mix and match the items.  

- Create a harmonious color palette that suits your skin tone, hair, and eye color. As covered in the December issue Vogue, the color theory according to the book “Color me beautiful” which was very popular in the 80s, is back.

- Create a list of the pieces you envision in your dream wardrobe. Create separate lists for clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. Divide them into categories based on your lifestyle, for example, everyday wear, workwear, leisure wear, sportswear, festive pieces, etc, to ensure an overall overview.  

- Research specific pieces and how much they cost and determine whether you can find suitable options in stores or need to use custom-made services.  

- Prioritize these lists. It's important to start with the piece(s) you need first. Consider the season. If it's summer, you don't need a winter coat, and vice versa.

- Decide how much you can realistically spend on building your dream wardrobe. It depends on your preferences, but I recommend deciding on a monthly budget you save for your wardrobe.  

- Create a system for how often you can add a new piece to your wardrobe. This could be one piece per month, a new addition every 2-3 months, or another interval that is suitable for you. If it’s doable and necessary, you can also buy the new foundational wardrobe at once to refresh it quickly and then proceed to incorporate a new piece every few months. It’s individual and depends on your needs and opportunities.

- Find brands that align with your style and quality expectations. These days I recommend investing only in quality pieces. Slow fashion and traditional tailoring are what the world is looking towards. I was very glad to see Princess Anne speak out against fast fashion in The Telegraph last monthQuality pieces are more expensive, but they last longer and the cost per wear will be far more reasonable in the end.

- Keep an eye on discounts (if the brands in your list have discounts). You may find something from your wishlist with a better price. Prioritize your list and don’t buy anything you don’t need during the attractive sales period.

It’s normal that our style changes over time, so go through your wardrobe each season or once a year, removing items you no longer wear. Identify what you’re missing and add these pieces to your list. At this point, it’s also clever to consider various styling options to not give up on any piece too quickly. Often, our garments can be worn in multiple ways to refresh our appearance. If you are searching for some inspiration, look at our Style Guides.

Building your dream wardrobe is a fun ongoing process. Systematic approach, updates, and improvements are essential to align with your evolving style, needs, and lifestyle. By following the list, you update your wardrobe regularly, and a monthly budget is the key to achieving it. This system helps you remember your actual needs and avoid emotional purchases that could lead you away from your dream.

Much love,

Founder & Creative director

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