Every year on the 24th of February we celebrate Estonian Independence Day. It’s an important day for our people and today, more than ever, freedom is appreciated deeply and we don’t take it for granted.

To celebrate the day, our President organizes the Independence Day ball, which is our most high-level national celebration. It is also a great opportunity for Estonian fashion designers to let their ideas fly and create elegant evening gowns for the beautiful ladies attending it.

At this event, you can see real haute couture, which is something that we in Marimo have always created, even if it’s without the actual badge.

The work on a gown for that special event starts with a call or message from the women who have received the invitations. Every January we are waiting for the day when it all starts. It’s fascinating who is invited and who will trust our fashion house to fulfil their dreams. 

Designing a bespoke dress is a creative and collaborative process. It´s a collaboration between the designer and the client. It starts with deciding on the style, fabric, color, and other details of the garment.

When creating a gown for a client, the first input for me is always the ideas that she may already have – what impression she wants to leave, what color she would prefer, whether she would like to have an A-line or straight cut, and so on.

I have a list of questions I always ask before I start designing because I want to understand her, where she is at in her life, and which preferences she may have.

It’s super important because she is the one who will be wearing the dress and she needs to feel herself in the best possible way when wearing it. I want her to feel like the best-dressed woman in the room.

All luxury garments require keen attention to detail, creativity, and a lot of planning. To create a successful garment, we must consider a range of factors such as the materials used, the fit, the pattern, and the overall aesthetic.

We pay close attention to the details when selecting fabrics, colors, and all the details (buttons, zippers, crystals), as they all contribute to the overall look and feel of the garment. The whole team puts a lot of work into the fit and construction, as this will ensure the garment is comfortable and looks great on the wearer.

On the 24th of February, I can’t help but watch the broadcast of the Independence Day Ball myself to see how the dresses look on the screen. It’s fascinating to see the end result with all the accessories and hair and makeup done but as I’m a lifelong learner, it’s also important to see how the fabric and cut work on the screen to take notes for next time. 

And of course.. on the 25th of February, there is a great buzz in the press about which women were the most well-dressed at the event. 


I´m so grateful that I have the opportunity to work with such wonderful women. Thank you for trusting Marimo.

I will be sharing the full story about creating a gown for this event in my new YouTube video that will launch next week. Stay tuned!

With love & gratitude,
Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis

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