It’s an interesting story about this stunning yellow dress, leading us to a wise conclusion - there's a right time for any specific thing in the world!

The sketch of this special yellow dress with the cloak was actually created a year ago for the Presidential Reception 2019, but this time it didn't find its approval from Helis’ side. Either Helis wasn't ready for the dress or the dress wasn't ready for Helis?! But now, a year later, the yellow dress was just perfect for Helis and she felt herself so incredibly fantastic in it and looked like a real queen! Helis even commented: “I am like the real queen in that gorgeous dress! The cloak with Swarovski crystal embroidery makes this dress so special!"

As the matter of fact, Helis in her elegant yellow Marimo dress with the cloak was chosen and nominated by Kairi Lentsius, independent creative director of the Estonian Fashion Festival, as the most beautiful and stylish dress of the Presidential Reception 2020! This choice was made for Estonian biggest publication "Postimees". We are so proud of that, it's a big honour to us! 

Later on, after attending the Estonian Presidential Reception 2020, we got an impressive feedback from Helis: "In addition to dress's beautiful look, all the stitches of your works (dresses) are straight and clean, the fabrics are with highest possible quality, client service is very polite and all the team sticks to the promises and deadlines. The best choice! I really praise and highly recommend!"

Thank you Helis for your trust!
We really value that a lot!

Stay safe! Stay chic!
Mariliis / Founder and creative director

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