Scenes from my new YouTube vlog

I want my youtube channel to be more than "just videos", I want the videos to be more personal. I want to educate and inspire women through my own life and experiences.

I want to show you the beauty of creating luxury garments, and the traditional craftsmanship techniques that we use in our process that definitely don´t get enough attention. But also the modern side of our fashion house and the team who put in a lot of work so the ideas would become the reality.

Scenes from my new YouTube video

Marimo is more than a brand, it´s a community of like-minded people who stand for the same values and live a life with a passion. I´m happy to see You part of Marimo´s journey.

In my new vlog-type video I´m sharing the journey of creating a red carpet gown for the Estonian Presidential Reception. I will open the behind-the-scenes from the idea to the end result – it´s a creative and time-consuming collaboration between the designer and the client.

I'm very excited for you to see these behind the scenes and the final result. It's a really close-up and personal glimpse into our everyday life here at Marimo.

With love & gratitude,
Founder & Designer

 portrait of Mariliis

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