CLOTHING: Lunaria Nude Pink Dress

It was a beautiful late spring morning when I opened my mail's inbox and there was a letter from one intelligent and beautiful lady. That was her, the gorgeous lady, well-known all over the world - Anna Bey, the founder of School of Affluence,, Geneva, Switzerland. This letter said that Anna would like to order a made-to-measure elegant dress for her, which she could wear for several occasions. Anna had some strict requirements, which had to be definitely satisfied, when choosing the right dress - the dress should not only be amazingly beautiful and have extremely good quality in both crafted work and the fabric but it should be super comfortable as well! It should let Anna feel herself as a flawless Goddess (which she is :)). Later that day we agreed on an online consultation via video-call to talk about the details and decide the model and the cut of the dress. And here we were, talking to Anna and showing Marimo dresses to her from all of our collections and finally we found the right one! The talk was very smooth, easy, flowing in inspiring and positive manner, we both were feeling ourselves just fantastic and very related to the topic of everything exclusive & beautiful! 

In two-weeks time the dress was ready and we sent it out by international post to Anna. As Anna commented later: "I Love it, it's just perfect!“.  
And to our surprise, couple of months later Anna comes out with her fabulous and the most popular of all times Youtube tutorial video "10 Things Elegant Ladies Never Wear", where she is wearing Marimo’s gorgeous Lunaria Nude Pink Dress and looks really stunning in it!

Later on I found out that Anna decided to approach Marimo Fashion as she used to trust European firms as those create very feminine and quality clothes.

Thank you, Anna! It’s the best compliment for a designer about her work!
We really value that a lot!

Much Love,


by Julia Aiste
Brand Manager
-in the name of beauty-

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