Photo by Julia Astok.

You all know that I have the best team of professionals and I thought I would introduce them. Let´s start with Marimo´s amazing and always smiling sales manager Kadi-Ann. After living in Australia for seven years she returned to her homeland Estonia last year, got in touch with us, and the moment we met her we knew she would be the perfect addition to our team.

Kadi-Ann is wearing Aria slip dress in ivory during her trip to Portofino.

Say something about your background?

Although born in Estonia, I've always felt like a part of a lively Italian family. My interest in languages and foreign countries took me to Spain and Australia, where I also started my bag label. Living abroad has expanded my view of how diverse life is and the boundless ways of perceiving and doing things. It’s great to be back at my roots and to work for a fashion house that represents exquisite quality and has the best team and beautiful community. I am excited to be working on new lines, creating content for our different platforms, and bringing Marimo to more women around the world.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

Being a very creative girl and the successor of two generations of actors, my favorite thing growing up was to dress up and perform. Fashion shows, talk shows, dance routines, you name it. I've always been captivated by beauty and aesthetics. Working in Marimo allows me to bring more beauty into the world and happiness into women’s lives.

Kadi-Ann is wearing Salvia top in coral and Primula wide-leg pants. Photo by Julia Astok.

What is your fashion philosophy?
Have fun with fashion. Let it lift you up.
Be you, do you, and wear what makes you happy.

What influences you? How do you choose garments, and how do you style them?

Nature hikes, real connection with real people, and art - I love to paint and write. As for fashion, I'm a minimalist, but enjoy playfulness and good style mixing as well. The key is confidence. Clothes have a huge impact on how we feel and how confidently we can go about our day. Use fashion to boost you!

What is your favorite Marimo garment and how do you love to style it?

The edgy, comfort-appreciating girl in me loves to dress the Marimo elegance down with sneakers and a vintage leather jacket, while the princess in me loves to put on a gown such as Leibnitzia with high heels and express my femininity to the fullest. My current favorites are the Stellaria dress and the Aria slip dress from our latest collection. Most of our clients see me wearing the stunning ivory Linaria coat-dress, which is so versatile, feminine, and comfortable all at the same time. Layer it with a t-shirt and jeans or wear it as a dress.

There should be more people like Kadi-Ann, always smiling and positive and knowing how to enjoy life to the fullest. Marimo is all about creating truly timeless fashion to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of each woman who wears it. Like Vera Wang says: "I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman".

Sending much love!

Mariliis Pikkar
Founder & Creative Director

Mariliis-Pikkar Marimo designer

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