Fall 2020 capsule collection is created by keeping in mind our new changed world. Glamour and elegance are not gone, but have developed into something deeper and meaningful. Elegant, but comfortable silhouettes, plaid stretchy seersucker fabric, classic and long-lasting cuts which are easily compatible with different pieces to create a number of different outfits without having too many different garments in your wardrobe... It is the art of elegance, the art of being the best version of You no matter the situation.

      Pants and a super easy-going and comfortable jumpsuit have found their way into Marimo’s collection, being absolute everyday essentials for those times. Our pants are classical yet modern, wearable with different silk tops, so the look will always be sophisticated and an ode to the modern elegance. Our jumpsuit looks good during the online and offline meetings, but also while styling it with super nice heels and by adding a little sparkle with our Swarovski chain, it’s festive and looks great on every elegant lady.

      All pieces are easily worn and meant to be used in multiple ways - be it an important occasion with a strict dress code to follow or worn in a casual occasions adding an elegant touch to the everyday look with our Swarovski accessories and outstanding red heels.

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