I'm confident that those who regularly follow this blog are already well-informed about the new cashmere line, Style Guides, and collections (SS23 & FW23/24) we launched last year. So in this post, before I look into the future I want to reflect on the year 2023 and this time from a different perspective – focusing on the internal growth and personal experiences that unfolded for me.


The central theme for last year was the importance of planning and creating new systems. While I have always prided myself on effective time management and believed that consistent efforts lead to great achievements, I had to master this skill even more, both in my personal life and in business. I had no other choice. Running a business as a mother of three you need smooth systems at every level. So today, I have lists for everything, regardless of how small or big the task is. These lists include everyday tasks, shopping, wardrobe planning, business strategies, packing when traveling with kids, etc.

Due to Marimo's intense growth in recent years, a thorough examination and restructuring of our systems became essential. We had to rethink and adjust our processes, as well as introduce entirely new frameworks to be able to adapt to the needs of a growing business. All processes have to run efficiently so that I would be able to concentrate on the broader strategic vision and creative aspects of the fashion house, and the team would be supported. More than ever, it became clear that a well-thought-through plan was essential so that I could carve out more time for creative work, which involves sketching, designing and simply thinking. All with the mission to empower women globally to feel beautiful and confident daily. A clear detailed plan helps me reach my goals while giving me more time to focus on what I enjoy the most and why I started this business in the first place.


However, the reality is that nothing comes easily. As the saying goes, wise people learn from their mistakes, but the wiser ones learn from the mistakes of others. I've tried to do just that, follow and examine fellow creatives and business people. Yet, there are cases where learning only occurs when we find ourselves in new situations that require new skills. Last year, I experienced the perpetual state of being out of my comfort zone as a business owner. The entrepreneurial journey involves navigating uncertainties, making quick decisions, and adapting to a swiftly changing environment. While I enjoy the constant learning in life, there are moments when the steep learning curve becomes daunting. There's a desire to step back and relax, but that is simply not possible if you want to stay competitive. The pressure to make the right choices can be overwhelming. Running a small business means I have to wear many hats and juggle diverse roles, which I enjoy, but sometimes it can take a toll on you. While being outside one's comfort zone is inevitable, finding a balance becomes even more vital. Pushing boundaries can encourage growth and innovation, yet the risk of burnout and stress looms when you are constantly under the pump. I have recognized the importance of managing stress, asking for support, and practicing self-care even more this year. This too needs planning, time and attention. In conclusion, finding a new balance as a mother of three while running a business became crucial in 2023.


Fun fact, only around 5% of my time is spent on creative work that inspired me to start this venture in 2010. However, at the beginning of 2023, I made a conscious decision to prioritize and dedicate more time to it. The process of designing demands time and dedication, and too often I had to sacrifice it and tend to other areas of the business. Recognizing that designing was the main aspiration why I started my fashion label and that creating art is my passion, I simply had to make time for it. Again, through strategic planning. Sketching serves as a stress reliever, offering the mind a chance to focus on something creative and enjoyable. It provides a break from the daily hustle and bustle of entrepreneurship. Creating art is not only a pleasurable activity but also a fulfilling way to boost mental and physical well-being. The benefits are truly endless and most importantly, I enjoy it.

I can still vividly recall the time when I created the collection for last Spring. It involved long walks with our newborn in the wonderful snowy weather, where I envisioned each garment while listening to my favorite music. Those days were perfect, and I knew I had to incorporate more of them into my daily life to feel happy and fulfilled. I wish to create every collection in a space where all other business-related aspects are taken care of, allowing me to focus solely on the collection and sketching. I experience an immense sense of calm when I return home after those long walks, ready to transfer all the ideas onto paper. My mind operates best when in motion or engaged in other activities, so I need quality time to bring these ideas to life and create strong collections. 


Last year Marimo reached a big milestone – we had the privilege of visiting our dear international client in her home in Austria (read the full story here), while our valued clients from the US and Israel made the trip to Estonia only to visit Marimo. What an honor! The relationship we've established with our dear clients is truly invaluable and I am deeply grateful for it. In fashion and any other industrythere is no greater currency than trust. I believe that trust is earned through a caring and respectful approach and a genuine passion for our work. I have always envisioned having international clients whom we would have such a close relationship with that we would fly over to meet them and vice versa. Today, I am thrilled to say that this dream has become a beautiful reality.



I hope that 2024 will bring more great milestones and that the systems we initiated this year will operate seamlessly. Our new collections are already in the making, and the goal for this year is to further educate and help women to build their perfect wardrobes. The fashion world has changed. It's no longer about fancy runway shows, shopping aimlessly, or having too many clothes. It's about creating a harmonious collection of pieces that can be mixed and matched cleverly and that would last for many years thanks to the high-quality materials. In 2024 we will continue to create more Style Guides, that will offer various tips and ways to maximize the wear of a particular garment. And it doesn't have to be a Marimo piece. My goal is to guide more women to discover and express their unique style and help them mindfully create a wardrobe that serves their needs, while also reflecting their character and allowing their personality to shine.


In 2024 we will concentrate on our YouTube channel, sharing useful information to help you tailor a wardrobe that suits you best. Topics will include sustainability, mindful consumption, styling tips, versatile pieces for different body types, and my insights from 13 years in the fashion sector. I hope you will find our channel to be a valuable tool and fun to watch.

It has become very clear that our made-to-measure service, which we also offer online is much needed and has become one of our greatest strengths. All thanks to our team’s exceptional expertise and experience. A garment that is made especially for your figure from high-quality fabrics has allowed our clients to feel confident and beautiful, not to mention very comfortable. The amount of positive feedback we have received is remarkable and serves as the best compliment and motivation to keep doing what we do. I look forward to sharing these real-life stories of made-to-measure pieces for different body types with you on our YouTube channel.


Over the years, we've seen a fantastic Marimo community of wise and successful women come together. Last year, we wanted to really thank our dear clients and fans by hosting beautiful champagne evenings at our boutique (read the full story here). Next year our goal is to bring together our community in other countries, as we have clients from 22 different countries so far. While we are working on the exact details, we wish to host special Marimo events (that have been a part of the brand from the very beginning) for our international clients. I hope to share more about it soon, as it would be a tremendous pleasure to meet our clients from different parts of the world in person. ☺️

In the past year, we've had the privilege of meeting countless wonderful women who were inspired by Marimo's export journey and are eager to assist us on our endeavors. I am sincerely grateful for these opportunities that have come our way and for each and every one of you who are part of our world.

Sending you warm wishes and wishing you a beautiful 2024! ♥️

Founder & Creative director


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